2nd photography workshop exploring HIV treatment as prevention

Wed 18 August, 5.30 – 8.30pm
Free & open to all aged 18+
SPACE Ilford
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The second of two workshops. You only need to attend one of the workshops.

A collaborative and participatory project organised by Positive East and SPACE exploring the realities of living with HIV and the amazing progress that has been made in the last four decades.

Through discussions, group work and playful artistic visualisation we will exchange knowledge and narratives about HIV. The outcome of this project will be to create a collage of photographic portraits, additional art work and quotes that will serve as a visual quotation of an HIV memorial quilt. 

The workshop will focus on ‘HIV Treatment as Prevention’, which has significantly changed how we talk about HIV. People living with HIV and on effective treatment cannot pass on HIV. This is sometimes known as Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U). People who are HIV negative can also take HIV treatment before and after sex to prevent HIV transmission.

Many people continue to be affected by HIV, whether they are living with HIV, or know someone who is living with HIV. HIV is now a manageable long-term health condition but many people aren’t aware of this and the developments that have been made. By highlighting that HIV affects us all, these workshops will highlight our identities, experiences and the role we play in ending new cases of HIV.

The workshops are open to anyone aged 18+ regardless of HIV status.

Please note you must feel comfortable having your photograph taken as part of the workshop and displayed in SPACE’s exhibition in September. We’ll ask you to sign an agreement on the day of the workshop.

Please bring along scans/photos of items that reflect you and your identity to include in a collage piece for the exhibition. If you’re not able to print them, please email peter.bampton@positiveeast.org.uk and we’ll bring them along to the workshop.

About Mareike Günsche
Mareike Günsche is a London-based photographer and educator with a special interest in social change and photography’s ability to collaborate and empower. After working as a press photographer, Mareike studied photojournalism. Her work has appeared in international media, has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, and the United States and has won a number of awards. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Photography at the State University of Arts in Mongolia and photojournalism trainer (Asian region) for the Global Press Journal. www.aspect-us.com

About Positive East
Positive East is London’s leading community-based HIV charity. We provide HIV prevention, support and testing services to anyone who lives, works or studies in East London. You can find out more about our services, including where and when we’re testing next at www.positiveeast.org.uk/hivtest