Photoshop Level 1

27 Oct 2013

1 Day Course
Date: Sunday 27 October 2013
Times: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Price: £100.00
Instructor: Dimitra Papastathi

This introductory level Adobe Photoshop course is designed for those who might have little to no experience with the software.

Through a collage project and smaller exercises students get a good understanding of the software, its structure and its possibilities. The digital collage project that is incorporated to the course will help students to develop their visual skills, starting from the very basics such as copying and pasting images and finishing with image retouching and special effects techniques.

This course is ideal for those who do not just want to learn Photoshop guidelines, but also get more familiar with the software logic and develop their visual creativity.

Each student has their own workstation for the practical parts of the course and can discuss any specific areas of interest they may have towards the end of the day with the tutor.


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