Piper Keys / Life Gallery / The Duck
07 Feb - 05 Apr 2015

Three exhibitions by artist-run spaces. Piper Keys (est. 2013, London), Life Gallery (est. 2014, London) and The Duck (est. 2014, Berlin) will each present a two-week long show in SPACE’s Annexe gallery. 

Piper Keys:

Roger Ackling, Keith Farquhar, Lucy Stein.

08 February - 22 February
Opening Saturday 07 February, 6-9pm


Life Gallery:

There’s No Space in Space

Morag Keil, Caspar Heinemann, Kimmo Modig.

"We've been watching Interstellar and thinking about intergalactic homelessness."

27 February - 15 March
Opening Thursday 26 February 26, 6-9pm


The Duck:


Hélène Fauquet, Nik Geene, Stuart Middleton, Naomi Pearce, Eidflo, Ellie de Verdier, Ryan Siegan Smith, Veit Laurent Kurz, Max Brand.

20 March - 05 April
Opening Thursday 19 March, 6-9pm


Image credit: Life Gallery