Premiere Pro Introduction

27 Sep 2014

1 Day Course

Date: Saturday 27th September 2014
 or Saturday 6 December 2014
Times: 10.30am to 4.30pm
Price: £100.00

Instructor: Pierre Vella

Course Overview:
Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video-editing application that offers cross-platform, robust, and efficient workflows. It's perfect for editors looking for native post-production workflows across a broad range of formats which integrate seamlessly with other high-end editing tools, including the ability to import and export sequence files to and from Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid. Premiere Pro also offers dynamic-link integration with adobe After Effects so you no longer need to render or export movies to work with Premiere Pro sequences inside After Effects.

This course covers the entire editing process from selecting and organising your clips to building a finished story. You will learn how to perform the standard editing functions while becoming familiar with the Premiere Pro User interface and project management features.

Course Content:

- Premiere Pro User interface, Workflow & Media Management
- Settings and Preferences
- Creating New Projects 
- Importing video, audio and graphics
- Media organisation with Bins, Markers and Subclips
- Editing Functions - using Insert, Overwrite, Replace and drag-and-drop editing
- Trimming Techniques with Ripple, Roll, Slip and Slide tools
- Applying and modifying Transitions and Effects
- Applying Filters and animating Motion Properties
- Simple Colour Correction
- Creating Titles
- Speed changes and Freeze Frames
- Audio Mix-down
- Applying Audio Filters
- Exporting using Adobe Media Encoder

Lesson Structure:
Project-led practical exercises

Entry Requirements:
No previous experience is necessary. Students should be fluent in English.

Pierre Vella is an independent digital creative working in film, video and digital technologies. He is a founding member of MITA (Moving Image Training Alliance) and runs a series of training programmes in film and video post-production, web technologies and motion graphics in London and Cambridge.

Each student will be provided with their own workstation and can discuss any specific areas of interest they may have toward the end of each day with the tutor.



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