Rhododendron (II)
2 Sep – 15 Oct 2011

ANNEXE /// SPACE presents an exhibition of work by an international group of young artists whose three-dimensional work, while founded in media art or Internet culture, or made using software, nonetheless expresses a profound enthusiasm for the physical form of the art object (size, material, colour, shape, composition, etc.).

This show is a sequel to the first installment in W139 Amsterdam and the same artists are participating. The majority of the work is new.

Rhododendron (II) features commisioned and existing artworks from Juliette Bonneviot, Charles Broskoski, Harm van den Dorpel, Martijn Hendriks, Joel Holmberg and Marlie Mul and is curated by Harm van den Dorpel


If it can be copied, send me a link. Don't expect me to travel to it. I want a new experience. To feel and touch a relief with my eyes. I want to feel alive. Breathing objects, full of redundancy and texture. Things breaking off, breaking down. I have a body too. I deteriorate. An occasional hint of melancholy might be sufficient.

Life has become more complicated and layered yet remains negotiable. I don't know where you live but we are friends. You're invited by email or Facebook as we speak. This is all very practical. Chances are you're not coming to see the show anyway, but you still like it; you still feel like you saw it: an incomplete reconstruction of a situation neither of us can explain.

Harm van den Dorpel, 2011 

Text by Karen Archey