SALT. Issue 6 Launch: Manifesto
06 Aug 2014

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In a climate where traditional modes of articulating refusal through physical action become criminalised or dangerous, language, and furthermore what can be done with it, becomes the only potent weapon left. Errors in our communications offer space for disruption and subsequently open up new ways to disobey through glossolalia: to speak in tongues, to be incomprehensible, and to confuse. This issue attempts to put into circulation performative gestures of disobedience and nonquiescent articulation as models for experimental protest.

SALT. is a London based publication which aims to bring feminist issues and conversations surrounding the various registers of patriarchy in art and wider culture to the forefront of discussion. They publish essays, art writing, poetry and art works as well as holding lectures, exhibitions and events. Four Goldsmiths Fine Art students established SALT. Magazine in March 2012, out of a desire to facilitate a political discussion they felt was lacking, both institutionally and within their peer group. As well as existing as printed material, SALT. is also an ongoing research project, with each editorial acting as a mini manifesto for the selected theme, and each event acting as a platform for new discussion and debate around the paradigms of contemporary feminism and art.

Previously, SALT. has presented a discussion around labour and the body with artist Aliza Shvartz and academic Caroline Bassett at Auto Italia South East, co-inciding with the launch of the fifth issue, entitled ‘Anti Work’. They have also been invited to present ideas at discussions at the ICA, Tate and Shoreditch House, and featured at independent publishing events such as Publish and be Damned, and SPRINT Milano.