Second Foundation at The Goethe Institute

27 Oct 2015

An evening of social experimentation, ASMR Karaoke, and unknowns.

Goethe-Institut / SPACE inaugural sound artist Claire Tolan and SPACE INFRA_SPECTION artist Kei Kreutler present the second in the series of Second Foundation.

A homage to and progression of Groundcourse - cybernetic artist Roy Ascott’s alternative educational model – we invite you to join us for a choreographed and immersive evening of experimentation and conversation that challenges and reconfigures ideas of cybernetic pedagogies.

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*Claire Tolan –VJ & Second Foundation Founder
*Kei Kreutler – Group Leader & Second Foundation Founder
*Live ASMR Karaoke
*Soft, Surrounding Soundscapes
*SMART tables
*Party Games
*Cybernetic Cocktails
*Chocolate & Cheese Fountains
*Fire starters
*ICHING Readings


Audience members will be divided into arbitrarily determined smaller groups, as event entry is staggered in 15 minute slots to allow for group induction and drinks allocation.

Arrive at Goethe-Institut - you will be met by a host

Join an induction group - duration 15 mins. You will receive a full induction from Second Foundation group coordinators, including a feedback-influenced, strategic alignment session. You will be given sustenance and cordials tokens at this time.

Join the rest of Second Foundation happening for: ASMR Karaoke and more sensorial learning pleasures and impasses.

Time slots are:

More reading about Groundcourse here
Booking & event info:

Goethe-Institut London
50 Princes Gate
Exhibition Road
tel. +44 20 75964000