SHS #2: Wojciech Kosma – Heads

15 Jun 2013

Performance by Wojciech Kosma and Timothy Murray

Sat 15 Jun from 8pm.
Duration approx 2h.

"Rarely has ass hair play been so moving."

"Not all of the spectators could stand such an encounter with themselves."

"I want my relationship to look like this."

"Is it possible to act like no one's watching?"

"You want to see how far the two of them will go without actually fucking."

"John Cassavetes without a camera."

"They go in there with nothing but themselves."

Part of SHS: SPACE’s summer exhibition and event programme. SHS features a series of London debut solo exhibitions - respectively by Chelmsford Film Society, Sarah Rara and Megan Rooney - as well as events by Wojciech Kosma, Book Works and Lucky Dragons.

129-131 Mare st, E8 3RH London, United Kingdom