Starship Hack Circus

14 Sep 2014

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Hosted by ringmaster Leila Johnston and in partnership with The White Building, Hack Circus is about fantasy technology and everyday magic. Starship Hack Circus is the fourth and most ambitious in the Hack Circus series of magazines and events. The Starship event follows on from sell-out Time Travel, Reality and Access All Areas shows. The new issue of the quarterly magazine, themed on First Contact, will be launched at the event.

Starship Hack Circus is on a one-way mission to KOI-3284.01.
 Join us for a place on this very special mission, as we leave our old lives behind and head off into deep space to investigate signals recently detected from this Earth-like exoplanet. As our induction to the mission, we will be advised by the UK Head
 of SETI Research Dr Alan Penny, rocket scientist Dr David McKeown, artist and Voyager researcher Kate Genevieve and astrobiologist Dr Lewis Dartnell. There will be considerable contributions from science fiction author Chris Farnell and artist Sinead McDonald, as well as live music, and more.