THE CONVERSATION #1 – Clunie Reid and Jodie Marsh
25 Jan – 17 Mar 2013
Free & open to all
SPACE Mare Street

The Conversation is a new rolling project at SPACE. Over the next year we will stage a series of unorthodox conversations between our studio artists and selected interlocutors.

In principle, the aim is to open up – or at least meddle with – accepted standard with regards to artistic conversation. Insofar as there is a general format to artistic conversation (experts of comparable status speaking to each other in the native tongue), we hope to challenge it…

Our first project sees SPACE studio artist Clunie Reid united with glamour model and internationally recognised body builder, Jodie Marsh.

The conversation, which took place in Reid’s studio, has been documented and will be distributed online and in gallery as a downloadable document. As a final element, one that will recur for each subsequent conversation, a quote for the conversation will be superimposed behind the main desk at SPACE for the duration of the exhibition cycle.

Download the transcript of The Conversation here.