The Walking Reading Group open conversation on ‘Commons’
09 Mar 2016

SPACE Mare Street
Wed 9 Mar, 6.30 - 8pm
FREE, please register here

In preparation for their SPACE commission in summer 2016, The Walking Reading Group (TWRG) will host an open forum event with guest speaker Richard Reynolds that will inform the content and direction of the forthcoming series of walks. You are therefore invited to join TWRG for an evening of conversation, wine and cheese to contribute to and learn more about this upcoming edition on ‘Commons’.

TWRG is a collective project run by Lydia Ashman (UK), Ania Bas (UK), Simone Mair (Italy) that facilitates knowledge exchange in an intimate and dynamic way through discussing texts whilst walking together. In this reading group the table is broken up by the street and the dominant voice is replaced with the sound of conversation partners talking simultaneously. Anyone can participate and the walks are free to attend. 

Texts, which vary in discipline and formats, are set in advance and form the backbone of the exchange. The group departs from a venue and walks in pairs usually for up to two hours, swapping conversation partners and discussion focus several times. Apart from the texts, personal experiences and projects related to the area and the route inform the conversations. TWRG facilitates new understandings and perspectives through dialogue and exchange, and acknowledges conflicting or contradictory positions.