Thomas Pellerey Grogan, Thinking like a mountain

Sat 5 March, 11am – 3pm
Free & open to ages 12+
SPACE Ilford

Come and play a new VR game at SPACE Ilford, created by one of our residency artists. Put on a VR headset and navigate your way through a deserted, rocky landscape. By using your hands and rotating your body, the game allows you to ‘scratch’ big rocks into smaller ones, and pile them up on top of each other indefinitely to reform big rocks. The game is meant to be played one after the other, with a new player picking up the game where the last player has left it, gradually reshaping the landscape and creating a sense of connection. Free and suitable for ages 12+.

Thomas Pellerey Grogan is a French-British artist whose practice focuses on ancient esoteric rituals, and their meaning when projected onto contemporary settings driven by technological tools. His work investigates the role that emerging technologies can play in recalibrating our current ecology, physically and virtually.

Thomas was a SPACE Art + Technology resident artist 2019 – 2020, exploring the theme of Deep Play and looking at the cost of our gamified experiences and how play can be used to explore our relationship with nature and ourselves.

Supported by Arts Council England and Fluxus Art Projects.