Tom Ellis: Get Me A Show in China

4 Sep – 17 Oct 2009
Free & open to all
SPACE Mare Street

Paintings and ‘fictionally-readymade’ furniture from the London based artist.


Q Talk to me about heresy. Is a heretic disposition – as embodied in your own work and that of those who you respect – more enchanting to you than a revolutionary one?

A Yes! Yes! Yes!


Q Do objects exist independently of you?

A Yes! Yes! Yes!


Q How would you react to the classification of your work as ‘non-art’? By this classification I don’t mean ‘anti-art’ (or an equivalently antagonistic reproach), but specifically ‘non art’: a use of art that remains constitutively foreign to the norms and aims governing the properly artistic practice of art?

A Yes! Yes! Yes!


Q In line with some of the leading thinkers in contemporary realist philosophy, do you concur that Nihilism, far from being some form of existential quandary, is in fact something of a speculative opportunity?

A Yes! Yes! Yes!