Tuesday Talks: Ultimate And Proximate – Exploring An Evolutionary Basis For Art

15 Jan 2013

From rap to abstract painting - do we have specialised psychological mechanisms for art?

Professor Tom Dickins and Permacultures artist Timur Si Qin discussed the implications and propositions raised by evolutionary psychology, asking is all art equally a display?

Tues 15 Jan 2013
7 - 9pm
The White Building
Events Space

Tom Dickins is professor of evolutionary psychology at Middlesex University. He gained a BSc in Psychological Sciences in 1988, at the then Polytechnic of East London. Then in 1992 he completed an MSc in History and Philosophy of Science at UCL and Imperial College, London. During this time his interest in evolutionary theory and its applications developed and after a three-year period trying to find funding he eventually went to the University of Sheffield to complete a PhD in Evolutionary Psychology. Tom has principally worked on language evolution, teenage pregnancy and theoretical issues related to biological causation. He also founded the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (www.ehbea.com) and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.

Timur Si Qin is an artist based in Berlin and has been on a 3-month Permacultures residency from September - December 2012.

Part of the Bloomberg ON programme with additional support from Goethe Institut