Tuesday Talks

27 Nov 2012 – 26 Mar 2013

Tuesday Talks are monthly free talks at The White Building, exploring current ideas at the boundaries of science, technology and philosophy.

The Event Space
The White Building
Unit 7, Queen's Yard, 
43 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick
E9 5EN


See individual talk web pages for details on booking, talk times and dates.

The talks are meant as provocations, to explain complex ideas and bring debate to what this could mean for art.

The power of computers according to Moore's law, doubles every two years. This greater computing power enables greater exploration of science- think of the computers scrambling the enormous amounts of data around the Hadron Collider, or the complex data related to examining neurons in the brain. Alongside this, and partly as a result of objective scientific discovery, contemporary philosophy is experiencing a return to realism and exploring a reality independent of the human subject. 

The impact of this to art and art making is potentially huge and the Tuesday talks are set up as a platform, to bring scientists, philosophers and technologists to Hackney Wick to present concepts and ideas and act as a catalyst for further discussion on what these ideas mean, why they matter and what impact this has for art and making. 

The White Building's programme is supported by Bloomberg as part of the Bloomberg ON programme.