Usman Haque in conversation with Adam Greenfield
26 Nov 2009

Architect, artist and designer, Usman Haque talked with Adam Greenfield, author of 'Everyware' and the forthcoming 'The City Is Here For You To Use'.

‘Technologies alter our understanding of space and change the way we relate to each other.’

Watch the full conversation here: 


 Usman is a recipient of the 2008 Design of the Year Award (interactive) from the Design Museum (UK), is director of Haque Design + Research and recently set up Pachube: a web service that enables you to connect, tag and share real time sensor data from objects, devices, buildings and environments around the world.

Adam has written and consulted widely on issues at the intersection of design, technology and culture, is head of design direction for service and user-interface design at Nokia and is best known as the author of Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing.