Workshop: The Algorithmic Self
24 January 2019

24 Jan, 6.30 – 8.30pm
SPACE Mare Street
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Join Art + Technology residency artist Clarice Hilton for a journey of algorithmic self discovery. What does an algorithm think about you? Do you agree? How does it feel to see yourself understood in that way? Using prototypes built as part of her residency, Clarice  will explore our relationship to the self as understood by algorithms in this interactive workshop. As our online lives become more frictionless and personalised – designed by the data we willingly give away – how does it feel to have our self fed back to us? How does this alter or enhance our understanding of the self? 

During her residency Clarice has been exploring the idea of trust in relation to artificial intelligence. Through her research, Clarice is looking at the driving forces behind why and when we are willing to give up data about ourselves. How do these ideas connect to the degradation of trust towards institutions, government and journalists in our society? 

The workshop will consist of practical exercises followed by a group discussion. Participants need to bring a laptop or tablet (or if not possible, a charged phone).  


Clarice Hilton is an artist and programmer interested in exploring our interactions in the virtual world. Clarice has previously worked on immersive VR experiences with BBC, Anagram, as well as creating experiments at UCL. Her practice uses playful alternate realities to explore deep questions about human nature, the self and human relationships.