Workshop: How Does AI Augment Human Relationships?
6 September 2018

Thu 6 Sep, 7 - 8.30pm
SPACE Mare Street
£7 / 5 Tickets here

This workshop will address the socio-cultural implications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its affect on our intimate relationships. Together we will explore the importance of viewing AI as an extension of us by looking at its effects on us as individuals and our personal relationships to others.

Whether early or established, personal or professional relationship, many of us have used digital technologies to start, develop or enhance these relationships. This workshop will ask participants to think through how digital technology has shaped their relationships with others over the last ten years and what they believe the role of AI will play in the years to come.  

As a group, we will explore the benefits to collaborate with machines, how technology can help us understand our relationships to ourselves and others better, while also addressing the importance of how our cultural backgrounds influence our relationships with technology and how cultural diversity must further influence the development of new digital technologies.


Alex Fefegha is a creative technologist bridging the gaps between art, design and technology, the physical and the conceptual, virtual and the real worlds. Alex is the founder & head creative technologist at Comuzi, a small team of builders, thinkers, designers, and explorers using emerging technology to build a better future for humans. His research practice employs the discipline of design fiction to investigate the ethical implications of AI and the future interfaces that we will interact with.