Workshop: Tiny Routines


SPACE Ilford

Are we all being trained by our apps to behave in a certain way? Addictive patterns of behaviour are designed into today's apps, prompting us to endlessly scroll through our feeds in order to find that rewarding post – only to be pushed on to the next 'reward'. In this sense, design is manipulating us into carrying out tiny repetitive routines that become hard-coded into our psyches. 

Join Art + Tech residency artists Annelore Schneider (collectif_fact) and Cyril Rebetez (UX researcher) for a workshop that will put into practice the field of behavioural design, from discovering its impact on our daily lives to imagining futures where these concepts are used for everyone’s benefit. After a quick introduction to the field, the participants will use design-thinking methods to define, ideate and deliver a series of thought-provoking, and possibly life-changing, concepts.

Behavioural design is the application of research in the field of behavioural psychology. From Pavlov’s dog and Skinner’s boxes to endless scrolling at 2am, everything nowadays is wired to make us tick, and make the product stick. Using simple materials, together we’ll explore how we can use these techniques to fulfil our own goals. We’ll spend most of the time putting this into practice, hacking our behaviours. Join us to discover key concepts in behavioural science and work with a small group to design something with the potential to change minds – in just two hours!