Yuri Pattison: Faraday Cage

15 Mar – 18 Mar 2012

Between the 15th and 18th of March SPACE will host a functioning improvised Faraday cage designed and built by Yuri Pattison.

A Faraday cage is an enclosure capable of blocking external static and non-static electric fields. Invented in 1836 by English scientist Michael Faraday, contemporary applications (more accurately ‘mutations’) of the cage continue to present themselves today. Indeed, in addition to facilitating shoplifters around the world (foil lined ‘booster’ bags allowing thieves to bypass certain RFID-tagged items), or securing MRI scan rooms from potentially dangerous RF signals, a secured Faraday cage is capable of blocking out everyday transmissions including WIFI, 3G, TV and Radio.

As part of Faraday Cage, Pattison has invited a number of artists to occupy the cage in order to respond to ideas relating to workspace, networks and online/offline cultures. The cage will function as a temporary studio space during the project, containing basic furniture, digital archive and standard office printer.

Participants include Your Body is a Temple, Richard Sides, Matthew Drage & Ben Vickers, Kosmas/Keller and Paul B. Davis. Each has been invited for a daylong residency culminating in four public presentations.*

Yuri Pattison studied at Goldsmith’s College of Art and currently lives and works in London. His practice explores the ways in which digital media creates and disseminates visual material. His projects include elements of networking, online platforms, and collaboration. As well as pursuing his own practice he works within the collaborative framework of LuckyPDF.

* excluding Kosmas/Keller who will produce merchandise for the project.


OPENING EVENT: Thursday March 15th ==== YBT: ἅπτω: SolidState (TouchableHolography) + FELICITA live /// Doors 6pm. Performances 8-till late 

"I fasten onto, I touch"

YBT will contribute an evening of performances, and the installation of a tangible hologram within the Faraday Cage itself.

The installation and performances will propose various encounters between ethereal, digitally projected images and the corporeally grounding properties of sub-bass audio whilst exploring the latter's potential for engineering a form of haptic feedback via viewer(user) interaction. User interaction speaks to the implicit, neophilic desire engendered by contemporary advertising designed to invest tactile substance within the projected image of consumer desire.

YBT is invested in producing engaging experiences with projected images, sound system installation and the re-purposing of corporate ideology and brand image to merge encounters with cutting-edge corporate futurism with user-end hacking, and a primordial synergy with nature.


An extended and re-worked demonstration of the presence and use of Hang drums in the utopian folk songs of the Silicon Valley area circa 1996. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAXcepRbzdE



FRI 16: Richard Sides: Kill The Gibson 3pm - Late An open-ended four channel sound piece / listening programme / DJ set preceded by a screening of Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film, Stalker. Combining sounds generated by Richard Sides, music by others, impromptu performance and visuals, Kill The Gibson will be an evolving platform and environment developed in response to Pattison’s installation. Refreshments provided. Special contributions from Lorenzo Senni (Presto!?), Karl D'Silva, Sol Archer and Stuart Middleton amongst others. Stalker screening 3pm. Event continues from 6pm to late http://www.richardsides.com/ 


 SAT 17: Ataraxia (Matthew Drage & Ben Vickers) /// all day

 Ataraxia will be conducting a series of focus groups that build upon an ongoing body of research. They will be inviting a select group of individuals to discuss the following issue: How technological innovation has come to effect the physiological and psychological basis of our everyday lives, at personal level. Groups will be divided between light and heavy internet users. The day will culminate in a public presentation of Ataraxia’s wider research and goals, with reference to issues raised at the focus groups conducted earlier in the day. Ataraxia aim to produce an inclusive and secure environment in which those attending can express themselves fully and openly. Schedule 11:00 Focus Group I 13:00 Lunch 14:00 Focus Group II 19:00 Public Seminar 20:00 Q&A with Open Discussion http://www.ataraxia.org.uk/ 


SUN 18: Paul B. Davis; radio 2-4pm 

Paul B. Davis will present an afternoon radio show transmitted from within the cage playing with concepts of signal containment. Followed by a selection of Faraday cage related instructional videos selected by Yuri Pattison.


Project updates available here: http://thefaradaystudio.org/