London Creative Network 2016 – 2023

London Creative Network (LCN) was a tailored professional development programme for London-based visual artists, craft makers and photographers. Delivered by SPACECockpitFour Corners and Photofusion, it ran from Spring 2016 to Spring 2023.
2016 – 2023
The impact of London Creative Network
Find out how the programme supported thousands of artists and creative businesses in London
2016 – 2023
London Creative Network at SPACE
Find out more about how our programme supported visual artists
May 2021
artist Yukako Shibata in her studio LCN Story copy
LCN story: interview with artist Yukako Shibata
LCN story: embroidery artist Richard McVetis
artist profile
February 2020
LCN Story: Artist-maker Maria Hatling
January 2019
Hollie Miller, Throat of a Rose
LCN Artists’ Profiles #6
Meet the artists selected for our sixth round of London Creative Network
December 2019
LCN Artists’ Profiles #7
Meet the artists we are currently supporting through London Creative Network
November 2019
Gravelly Hill Junction in Birmingham
LCN Story: Photographer Michael Kemp
Photographer Michael Kemp talks about how LCN is enabling him to develop his personal projects alongside his day job
October 2019
artist Katrin Hanusch
LCN Story: Artist Katrin Hanusch
Watch artist Katrin Hanusch talking about her experience on the LCN programme at SPACE
October 2019
Nicola Morley, Cosima in the music room with Bat.
LCN Story: Photographer Nicola Morley
Nicola Morley talks about how the LCN programme sparked a new direction for her photography practice
September 2018
LCN Story: Interview with Artist Becky Brewis
Artist Becky Brewis talks about the work she developed on the LCN programme at SPACE
June 2019
LCN Story: Furniture Maker Rob Brain
May 2019
Thom Bridge artist talks about SPACE LCN programme
LCN Story: Interview with Artist Thom Bridge
Artist Thom Bridge talks about the benefit of the LCN programme at SPACE
May 2019
Pivotal Moments book
A publication that looks at professional development models for mid-career artists. Buy your copy today
January 2019
LCN Story: Peer Social – Artists Beyond LCN
Peer Social share their story of working together beyond the London Creative Network artist development programme.
March 2019
LCN Story: Ceramicist Jo Davies
August 2018
LCN Story: Artist Jackie Chettur
"My primary motivation in applying to the LCN programme was to become more visible and active as an artist in London. To have more exposure for my practice." Jackie Chettur shares her LCN Story.
August 2018
LCN Artists’ Profiles #5
Find out about artists selected for the fifth round of London Creative Network
13 - 15 September 2018
SPACE / LCN Showcase 5th Edition
Come and view new works, projects in progress and learn more about the multifaceted support programme for professional artists at SPACE.
2016 – 2021
About Our LCN Mentors
Meet the four mentors who support artists on our LCN programme
August 2018
LCN Story: Woven Textile Designer Beatrice Larkin
"When you are an independent designer maker, you have to juggle many roles and it’s always good to have refreshers across every topic." Beatrice Larkin shares her LCN Story.