Mission, vision & values


SPACE stands for Space Provision (Artistic Cultural and Educational), and our mission is to make space for art. 

We fulfil our mission: 

  • by providing affordable studio space to a wide range of artists; 
  • by offering resources to develop their practice; 
  • by being an effective advocate for artist studio spaces; and 
  • by enabling local communities in areas of low provision to meaningfully access and engage with art and artists. 


Our vision is to underpin a sustainable infrastructure for art and artists in the city, in perpetuity. 


The following core values inform how we operate: 

  • Innovative, ambitious, and relevant: We strive to meet the changing needs of the artists and their communities.
  • Accessible, diverse, and inclusive: We support artists who are often excluded by the art world, and are ensuring that our activities are inclusive and diverse.
  • Accountable, sustainable, and transparent: We are efficient managers of our buildings, and hold ourselves and others to high standards respecting the environment. We operate with transparency and continuous quality improvement.
  • Connected, supportive, and engaged: We recognise the value of joined-up thinking and partnerships in helping us achieve our objectives.

Key policies

SPACE is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and equality of access and opportunity to all staff, artists, suppliers, participants and partners – from all backgrounds and all sectors of society – ensuring they are part of our community, valued for their contribution and are able to flourish and succeed.

Read the full SPACE Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy 2022.

SPACE has a genuine concern for the environment, and we recognise that climate change is one of the defining global challenges of our time. We therefore firmly believe that embracing green best practices is our social and moral responsibility. We strive to continually assess and reduce our overall environmental impact and are committed to making environmental responsibility an integral part of our operations and activities, while maintaining long-term affordability for artists.

Read the full SPACE Sustainability and Environmental Policy 2022. 

SPACE is a social enterprise constituted as a company limited by guarantee, registered company no. 1157240, and registered charity no. 267021.