Feminist Duration: A Reading Group on Feminisms, Consciousness-Raising and Leave-Taking

05 April 2016

Tue 5 Apr, 7pm
SPACE Mare Street

The next meeting of the Feminist Duration Reading Group will focus on the writing of Gloria Anzaldúa and Barbara Christian.

Together we will read selections from Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza (1987), which departs from the Texas-US Southwest/Mexican border situation to address the psychological, sexual, spiritual borderlands inherent in any individual.

Beforehand, we invite everyone to read Barbara Christian’s short essay ‘The race for theory’ (1987) to remind us how "much of the literature of the West has become pallid, laden with despair, self-indulgent, and disconnected.”

We will start with a brief screening of a performance by the writer and artist Grada Kilomba.

This meeting will build on earlier explorations in the Feminist Duration Reading Group on experimental feminist writings, including forms of storytelling, auto/biography and mythobiography.

The Feminist Duration Reading Group focuses on lesser-known positions and perspectives outside the dominant Anglo-American feminist canon in a spirit of collective exploration.

The Feminist Duration Reading Group is open to all.

Please contact the Feminist Duration organisers for copies of a reading by Gloria Anzaldúa and Barbara Christian to accompany the meeting: feministduration@gmail.com

Please contact Persilia for directions persilia@spacestudios.org.uk

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The Feminist Duration Reading Group on 1st December was the first in the Now You Can Go events series exploring feminist art, theory and activism that takes place across The ICA, The Showroom, SPACE and Raven Row in December 2015.
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