Feminist Duration: A Reading Group on Feminisms, Consciousness-Raising and Leave-Taking

03 Nov 2015

Tue 03 Nov, 7pm
at SPACE, Mare Street

Next date is: Dec 01

The next meeting of the Feminist Duration Reading Group will focus on the work of Italian philosopher Adriana Cavarero.

Together we will read sections of her essay 'On the Outskirts of Milan' from her book Relating Narratives.  We will also discuss some of Olivia Guaraldo's reflections on her work. Guaraldo will be in London for the 'Now You Can Go' programme in December.

In 'On the Outskirts of Milan' Cavarero uses characters from the Milan Women's Bookstore Collective's text 'Don’t think you have any rights,' which we looked at earlier in the Reading Group, to open up notions of uniqueness, polyvocality and relationality. She considers what these concepts mean in terms of politics and public spheres and in relation to the work of Hannah Arendt.

The Feminist Duration Reading Group is open to all. Please contact Helena if you would like to receive the readings: h.reckitt@gold.ac.uk and for directions: persilia@spacestudios.org.uk

The Feminist Duration Reading Group builds on the research symposium Feminist Duration in Art and Curating that took part in Art Department at Goldsmiths, University of London, in March 2015.  

The Reading Group is part of a series of events – some public, others more intimate and unprofessionalised – that will culminate in a weekend of public activities in London in December 2015.