Feminist Duration Reading Group: Queer Beograd

02 Aug 2016

Tue 2 Aug, 7-9pm
SPACE Mare Street

In a session led by Jet Moon, the next meeting of the Feminist Duration Reading Group will focus on Queer Beograd, a transnational collective active in Beograd Serbia from 2004-2011.  The collective’s 'Border fuckers Cabaret' scripts were produced as part of their underground festivals and are collaborative works between writer and subject, used as a tool for political education and story telling.

Together we will read two texts, 'Forensic Anthropology' (2009) and 'Anti-fa Fags' (2006), as examples of experimental non-academic feminist writing. This is an opportunity to open a discussion on intersectionality, collaborative working, 'authentic' voices and the concept of 'Border Fucking.'

Recommended background reading is Bilić, B., & Dioli, I. (2016). ‘Queer Beograd Collective: Beyond single-issue activism in Serbia and the post-Yugoslav Space.’ In B. Bilić & S. Kajinić (Eds.), Intersectionality and LGBT Activist Politics: Multiple Others in Serbia and Croatia. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 

This meeting will build on earlier explorations in the Feminist Duration Reading Group on experimental feminist writings, including forms of storytelling, genre crossing, and collective authorship.

The Feminist Duration Reading Group is open to all.

For copies of texts please email: feministduration@gmail.com 


The Feminist Duration Reading Group has met since February 2015 in a spirit of collective exploration of texts, movements and struggles from outside the dominant Anglo-American feminist canon. The Feminist Duration Reading Group meets at SPACE in Hackney on the first Tuesday of the month and is open to all.


Now You Can Go

The Feminist Duration Reading Group on 1st December was the first in the Now You Can Go events series exploring feminist art, theory and activism that took place across The ICA, The Showroom, SPACE and Raven Row in December 2015.

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