Feminist Duration Reading Group: Adriana Cavarero

05 July 2016

Tue 5 Jul, 7-9pm
SPACE Mare Street

The Italian philosopher Adriana Cavarero, and her theories of the voice and relationality, singularity and uniqueness, will be the focus of the next Feminist Duration Reading Group. The session will led by Sara Paiola and Lucia Farinati. 

Together we will read an interview of Cavarero by Elisabetta Bertolino from 2008. 

For background reading that gives insight into Cavarero’s relationship to the work of Hannah Arendt and to the Milan Women’s Bookstore collective’s practice, we suggest:

- Hannah Arendt, ‘The Disclosure of the Agent in Speech and Action,’ in The Human Condition, 1958, pp. 175-181
- Adriana Cavarero, ‘The Reciprocal Communication of Voices,’ in For More Than One Voice: Toward a Philosophy of vocal expression, 2005, pp.197-212

If we have time, we will read some of latter text together, too.

The Feminist Duration Reading Group is open to all.

For copies of texts please email: feministduration@gmail.com 


The Feminist Duration Reading Group has met since February 2015 in a spirit of collective exploration of texts, movements and struggles from outside the dominant Anglo-American feminist canon. The Feminist Duration Reading Group meets at SPACE in Hackney on the first Tuesday of the month and is open to all.


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The Feminist Duration Reading Group on 1st December was the first in the Now You Can Go events series exploring feminist art, theory and activism that takes place across The ICA, The Showroom, SPACE and Raven Row in December 2015.
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