Feminist Duration: The Milan Women’s Bookshop Collective and the Practice of the Unconscious

07 June 2016

Tue 7 Jun, 7-9pm
SPACE Mare Street

For this meeting we will return to what has already been a key reference point for the group: the ‘sexual difference’ feminism associated with the Milan Women’s Bookstore Collective and other Italian feminist groups.  In particular we will focus on issues of speaking and listening, translation and silence.
In a session led by Lucia Farinati, we will focus on the encounter between the Milan collective and the Politique et Psychoanalyse group from France, in 1972. This prompted new forms of feminist political practice that were key to the establishment of the Milan Women’s Bookstore. This included the development of the Practice of the Unconscious and the practice of relationships among women.
Together we will read
Lia Cigarini and Luisa Abbà, ‘L’obiezione della donna muta’ (The objection of the silent woman), which was published anonymously in "Sottosopra", Milan, December 1976, and which Lucia has loosely translated for this meeting.  
Teresa de Lauretis, ‘Note on Translation,’ 1986, from Sexual Difference: A Theory of Social-Symbolic Practice, Indiana University Press
Alex Martinis Roe, ‘Two Voices Due Voci,’ Graduate School at Berlin University of the Arts, 2014
Background Reading
Teresa de Lauretis, 'The Practice of Sexual Difference and Feminist Thought in Italy: An Introductory Essay' 1986 in Sexual Difference: A Theory of Social-Symbolic Practice (ibid)
There is no need to read these texts in advance of the meeting as readings will take place together on the night. Please bring copies of the readings with you.
The focus on the practices and contemporary resonance of the Milan Women’s Bookshop collective will continue for the subsequent meeting in July.
The Feminist Duration Reading Group is open to all.

For copies of texts please email: feministduration@gmail.com 


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