Feminist Duration Reading Group: Islamic Feminisms

07 March 2017

Tue 7 Mar, 7pm
SPACE Mare Street

The Feminist Duration Reading Group focuses on under-known and under-appreciated feminist texts, movements, groups and struggles from outside the Anglo-American feminist tradition. Started at Goldsmiths, University of London, in March 2015, since July 2015 it has met at SPACE in Hackney. The group meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm and is open to all. 

The next meeting of the Feminist Duration Reading Group will focus on Islamic feminisms. Together we will read ‘New Introduction: Why Does the Veil Scare Europe?,’ from Beyond the Veil by the Moroccan feminist sociologist Fatema Mernissi, alongside ‘Islamic feminism: what’s in a name,’ 2002, by the scholar and activist Margot Badran.

Both texts can be found on the website of 98Weeks, a research project in Beirut, The Lebanon. Please find it here and here.

This focus on feminist engagements with, and within, Islam will act as a counterpoint to last month’s meeting, focused on a screening of the film Feminism Inshallah: A History of Arab Feminism, directed by Feriel Ben Mahmou, 2014. As was highlighted in the post-screening discussion last month, that film has an implicitly Western conception of feminist liberation, which differs from those who identify as Islamic feminists.

This is the second session on Arab feminisms in the Feminist Duration Reading Group, led by Giulia Damaini. 

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Now You Can Go

The Feminist Duration Reading Group on 1st December was the first in the Now You Can Go events series exploring feminist art, theory and activism that took place across The ICA, The Showroom, SPACE and Raven Row in December 2015.

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