SPACE Acquires Freehold: Brickfield Studios, Poplar

The acquisition of Brickfield Studios in August 2014 means that SPACE’s studio portfolio is now one third freehold. As well as allowing SPACE to set rents at charitable rates, this purchase also contributes to SPACE’s long-term plan to become a sustainable studio provider.

The building requires a fit out and a programme of renovation to provide approximately 50 units over 31,000 sq ft,. The ground floor will contain larger units and 3-phase electricity, whilst the upper units will be of varied sizes. Brickfields Studios is currently scheduled to open in 2015.

The building is a 1960s former printworks, once home to East End Offset which printed Socialist Worker, the Morning Star and Private Eye. Neighbours will include Limehouse Arts Foundation, Empson Street Studios and ASC.

More information to follow.