SPACE artist exhibition: Elizabeth McAlpine
5 Jul – 3 Aug 2013

Misdirect Movies

Curated by Andrew Bracey and John Rimmer

Standpoint Gallery
45 Coronet Street, Hoxton, London N1 6HD
PV Thursday 4th July 2013

5th July - 3rd August 2013, Wednesday - Saturday 12-6pm

Misdirect Movies is a touring exhibition that explores new possibilities of collage to cut up, reposition and (re)arrange cinema’s near endless supply of imagery. The exhibition features seven artists: Rosa Barba, Andrew Bracey, Dave Griffiths, Cathy Lomax, Elizabeth McAlpine, David Reed and John Rimmer.

With the access to digital formats, of the internet and the digitalisation of film, artists are now able to appropriate films to create different and innovative approaches to collage. The exhibition features a wide range of media, from projections and monitor based work through to digital prints, painting and sculpture. The artists bridge the analogue and the digital, working with both the two modes.

Orson Welles’ unfinished version of Don Quixote features a scene where Quixote slashes at a screen in a cinema. This scene acts as a lynchpin for the ideas contained within the curatorial strategy of this exhibition, expanding on the notion of Quixotic, intertexturality and the slippage of reality and illusion.