SPACE artist publication: Joe Duggan

15 Nov 2012

Life Is Not Enough

A limited edition picture story book by Joe Duggan sold exclusively through a specifically designed shop on Broadway Market, East London.

Duggan’s first published book portrays a wandering soul, who continually seeks meaning in his life whilst grappling with love, marriage, and misadventure.

Uniquely portrayed through sparse text and a series of beautiful photographs, Duggan and friends enact the tale on a self-built theatrical set. A mini epic presenting a humorously bleak and cartoon-like vision of the human experience, the book suggests an existence governed by an unconscious overlord; a force that neither judges nor designs, but just is.

Duggan said “It is something I have wanted to do for years. I believe people want intelligent work, this is what I have always tried to do.” 

Known for his large scale photographs and installations, this is Duggan’s first published book. From its inception at an artist residency in Newfoundland, Canada, Duggan has spent almost four years completing this work. 

LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH is produced to the highest printing and binding standards. It is a beautiful designed, Hardback and clothbound limited edition book. Each book is numbered, Joe Duggan will sign copies on request.