Art Night Associate Programme 2017: SPACE FILM & Atmosfields at St. Katharine Docks
1 July 2017
Sat 1 July, 6 - 10.30pm
Floating platform at St Katharine Docks
Free & all welcome
Experience the SPACE FILM (1970) and experimental short Atmosfields (1971) by Graham Stevens, one of the first SPACE artists, both re-staged and screened in their original location at St Katharine Docks as part of Art Night Associate Programme 2017
SPACE FILM (1970, 21 min)
Experience the SPACE FILM (1970) re-staged in its original location. Capturing the mood of the ‘60s, featuring artists Bridget Riley, Peter Sedgley, Henry Moore and the artist community who set up SPACE at the iconic St. Katharine Dock site in 1968. A hotbed of creativity, a site of experimentation drawing international attention, with seminal happenings, sometimes called the original YBA. The film documents how artists created a new vision among abandoned warehouses, founding an organization that continues to champion artists’ role in the city 50 years on. Accompanied by new text from Peter Sedgley.
Graham Stevens, Atmosfields (1971, 27 min)
“Operating on the frontier between art and architecture, Graham Stevens builds inflatable forms and environments that create a dialog between poetry and hyper-technology. Engaged in a critical approach to architecture and opposed to its “rootedness,” Stevens advocates an art of air and movement. […] Utilizing an optikinetic and multi-sensorial approach, Graham Stevens assembled, developed and filmed his installations in 1971 under the title of Atmosfields. Installed in the heart of London, in the slips of St Katherine’s Docks, these floating, flying and moving works became icons of urban performance in a Pop and critical re-appropriation of the city.” (Lucy Hofbauer via FRAC Centre)
A SPACE project supported by St. Katharine Docks

Art Night 2017 will see London’s East End transformed with free art and music by some of the world’s leading artists for the night of Saturday 1 July 2017 . Audiences will be able to experience a trail of art, architecture, dance, design and music throughout the night. Art Night 2017 is in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and curated by independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek. The festival is generously supported by international auction house Phillips

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