THE IRREGULAR BULLETIN: part of Our Place, Our Space – The Creative Space 2013 exhibition
18 Jul – 19 Jul 2013

A collaboration between the drawing shed and residents of Arlington, Europe's largest homeless hostel, in Camden.

THE IRREGULAR BULLETIN is part of Our Place, Our Space - The Creative Space 2013 exhibition.

Thursday 18 July 11am - 3pm and Friday 19 July 11am - 7pm
Arlington, 220 Arlington Road, NW1 7HE.

The artists have consistently led and supported the workshops with Arlington residents, creating a community workshop atmosphere around the ideological concept of ‘the Irregular Bulletin’ – inspired by avant garde artists and drawing from popular culture and radical forms of poetry, [lending a contemporary take on William Burroughs Cut-Ups, John Cage's Rules, Corita Kent's Open Studio ethos]. Here the ‘making and re-making’ of rules allows us to work with whatever is brought into The Creative Space by residents taking part.

Corita Kent, John Cage and William Burroughs were working and active during at the height of the Civil Rights Movement and the anti vietnam war campaigns in the 60's. Sister Corita’s community screen print workshop with a pop up community cafe open to everyone, became the hub for discussion, art making, teaching, the making of new rules, and community actions. 

the drawing shed’s exhibition of The Irregular Bulletin at Arlington will take the form of placards carrying screen printed image and text created with residents as both a personal and political take on the world, alongside a pop up café in partnership with City Dining, and the more thoughtful and profoundly beautiful series of ‘lost prints’; these are created from the residual traces left on each screen as the prints are pulled.

Some of these prints on A1 archive quality tissue reflect the fragility, resilience and endurance of participants and The Irregular Bulletin as the contemporary form chosen by the artists.

PrintBike itself will be turned into a huge lightbox as The Irregular Bulletin format mirroring the ad hoc lightbox created during a workshop, and showing a series of multiple prints on foolscap tracing paper.

Paper Stencils as multiple objects of the vast number of prints created throughout this project will flooded over one wall of The Creative Space itself, so that visitors can get a live sense of Space Studio’s Studio5 as The Irregular Bulletin space.

the drawing shed is artists Bobby Lloyd, Sally Labern, and Joseph Kopiel. 

Plus work made in Clare Fry's drama workshop, and poetry made in Stephanie 'Sonority' Turner's spoken word workshops.