Violent Borders

06 May 2017

The White Building
Sat May 6 
6pm - 8.30pm  
Free please book here

Mass Deportations, migration and detention

“We are locked in our rooms. They just said ‘pack pack pack.’ They haven’t said why.”
- Statement from Detained Voices

“Borders that are no longer mapped to the physical boundaries of nation states are increasingly de-territorialised and re-territorialised in transit places such as airports which function as strategic nodes within a transnational network of control.”
- Nilgun Bayraktar

Join STRIKE! Magazine for a screening of short films and panel discussion about borders, migration and cages.

Racism and xenophobia are on the rise, spurred along by the government’s rhetoric. Creating a “hostile environment” for migrants is an explicit policy objective. Brexit has unleashed a surge of racist violence. Within this context the Home Office is able to deport people en masse and detain people indefinitely with little scrutiny or challenge.

The event will provide a space to explore how violent borders are affecting communities in the UK and around the world. Featuring films by: STRIKE! Magazine, Standoff Films, and more to be announced.

The screenings will be followed by panel discussion including people who have been forcibly deported, an immigration lawyer, a campaigner who physically blocked a mass deportation and members of groups challenging mass deportations and amplifying the voices of people in detention.

STRIKE! is currently a collective of 7 people, working cooperatively against structural oppression and towards decolonised, intersectional, post-capitalist futures. Primarily producing a quarterly radical publication, we aim to be a platform for those involved in grassroots struggle, anti-oppression politics and the creative movements surrounding these issues.

Initiated by STRIKE! Magazine in collaboration with SPACE Art + Technology