Out of SPACE Podcast
July 2021 – present

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Out of SPACE is a podcast series featuring artists from across SPACE’s studios and networks in conversation with writers, critics and other art professionals. Launched in 2021, the podcast explores the theme of care from multiple viewpoints, ranging from artists and parenthood, to caring about the community and about the work itself. 

Launched in October 2022, Artonomics is a special series of 4 episodes produced in collaboration with a-n that offers insight into how artists make a living, from practical matters relating to selling and funding artwork, to questions of self-worth and self-promotion and the pros and cons of gallery representation. 

Out of SPACE is hosted by artist/curator Cathy Lomax. Listen on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and your web browser.

Out of SPACE | Care S2, E7: How to show your work

April 2023
For many artists, gallery representation is sought-after, but can we have a successful career without this? SPACE studio artist Hannah Brown and curator/gallerist Kristian Day discuss

Out of SPACE | Care S2, E6: How to carry on practising

April 2023
Artists Milly Peck and Luke Burton, with host Cathy Lomax, explore the things we can seek out, do, and engage with that will move our career forward

Out of SPACE | Care S2, E5: Mental resilience – how to maintain your art practice and your mental health

April 2023
Artist filmmaker Billy Dosanjh in conversation with physiologist and sleep and energy expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Out of SPACE | S2, E1 ‘Artonomics’: Supporting a multi-faceted practice

October 2022
Sovay Berriman and Lucy Harrison discuss how they sustain their respective art practices

Out of SPACE | S2, E2 ‘Artonomics’: Art as commodity

October 2022
Hetain Patel and Yasmin Falahat discuss their experiences of selling work

Out of SPACE | S2, E3 ‘Artonomics’: Alternative models and independence

October 2022
Rachael Clerke and Karl England talk about the freedom found in creating their own funding models

Out of SPACE | S2, E4 ‘Artonomics’: Fame and fortune

October 2022
Delaine Le Bas and Katriona Beales discuss how they measure artistic success

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E9: What next?

June 2022
Laure Prouvost and Lina Lapelytė discuss how winning a prestigious award affects an artist's practice

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E1: Art and caring

Wed 21 July 2021
Untitled, Katherine Tulloh painting
What impact does parenthood have on an artist's practice?

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E2: TCB (Taking Care of Business)

Wed 4 August 2021
Reman Sadani SPACE artist awardee 2021
Talking about all those elements of admin that get put off but are a vital part of developing careers, and in some cases protecting livelihoods.

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E3: The message

Wed 18 August 2021
To what extent should artists exercise care when making and exhibiting work that has controversial or provocative content?

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E4: Looking after the art

Wed 1 Sept 2021
What happens to an artwork once it leaves the studio?

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E5: Carefree

Wed 22 Sept 2021
In order to make good art, should we think and care less?

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E6: Walking the line: between copy and remake

Wed 6 Oct 2021
Hugh Mendes, Portrait SPACE studios
Artist Hugh Mendes and IP lawyer Jon Sharples discuss the issue of copyright

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E7: Presentation

Wed 20 Oct 2021
Mirror Me, 2019, Oil on Canvas, by Tobi Alexandra Falade. Installation shot at The Wing London
How should artists talk about and present their work to collectors, art professionals, the general public and other artists?

Out of SPACE | Care S1, E8: Community

Wed 3 Nov 2021
Artists Serena Korda and Emma Cousin consider how being in an artist-gang can be empowering.