People Power

People Power was an innovative school-centred art and technology programme that ran from 2012 – 2018 and was designed to strike a creative spark in pupils, bringing STEM topics alive.

People Power:

−      Used the skills of carefully selected artists and partners to engage children with science, technology, engineering and sustainability
−      Provided hands-on opportunities that harnessed and created technological solutions to real, everyday challenges
−      Developed key skills and raised attainment
−      Projects were individually designed with secondary schools

Over 350 children at secondary schools in Hackney and Tower Hamlets participated in the People Power art and technology programme.

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12 Oct - 9 Nov 2017
People Power #10: WE-Dom
Working with artists, young people are developing a ‘micro’ social intervention, opening on Thu 12 Oct
May 2017
People Power #9: Glocal
People Power #9 will investigate the ‘glocal’, or global/local, nature of schools’ neighbourhoods
5 November 2016
People Power Exhibition 2016: Build Your Own Flag Workshop
Build Your Own Flag workshop at SPACE Mare Street, Sun 5 Nov, 12pm-4pm
3 - 5 November 2016
People Power Exhibition 2016: WE- DOM
This exhibition examines the challenges faced by migrants setting up new communities.
August 2016
People Power #8: Dada-Polis
People Power 2016 focuses on girls in art, technology & engineering in response to schools and to national statistics of the ‘girl gap’.
Apr - Jun 2016
People Power #7: The Homemade Camp
People Power 2016 focuses on girls in art, technology and engineering in response to feedback from schools and to national statistics highlighting the ‘girl gap’.
People Power #6: Power Station
3 Apr 2014
People Power #5: Reveal
Codasign created Reveal with our art and technology school partners The Petchey Academy.
3 Apr 2014
People Power #4: Raytracer
An exploration of virtual architecture.
7 – 30 Sept 2012
People Power #1: Seed to Speed
Seed to Speed is the first in the People Power programme of arts, technology and ecology projects.
March – April 2012
People Power #2: Solar Swarm
Hackney Students Light Up The White Building with their Solar Swarm Light Installation
Mar - Apr 2013
People Power #3: Thirsty Plants
Technology Will Save Us worked with thirty children at Chisenhale Primary School to make Thirsty Plants.