People Power

People Power was an innovative school-centred art and technology programme that ran from 2012 – 2018 and was designed to strike a creative spark in pupils, bringing STEM topics alive.

People Power:

−      Used the skills of carefully selected artists and partners to engage children with science, technology, engineering and sustainability
−      Provided hands-on opportunities that harnessed and created technological solutions to real, everyday challenges
−      Developed key skills and raised attainment
−      Projects were individually designed with secondary schools

Over 350 children at secondary schools in Hackney and Tower Hamlets participated in the People Power art and technology programme.

Supported by Bloomberg.

12 Oct - 9 Nov 2017
People Power #10: WE-Dom
Working with artists, young people are developing a ‘micro’ social intervention, opening on Thu 12 Oct
May 2017
People Power #9: Glocal
People Power #9 will investigate the ‘glocal’, or global/local, nature of schools’ neighbourhoods
5 November 2016
People Power Exhibition 2016: Build Your Own Flag Workshop
Build Your Own Flag workshop at SPACE Mare Street, Sun 5 Nov, 12pm-4pm
3 - 5 November 2016
People Power Exhibition 2016: WE- DOM
This exhibition examines the challenges faced by migrants setting up new communities.
August 2016
People Power #8: Dada-Polis
People Power 2016 focuses on girls in art, technology & engineering in response to schools and to national statistics of the ‘girl gap’.
Apr - Jun 2016
People Power #7: The Homemade Camp
People Power 2016 focuses on girls in art, technology and engineering in response to feedback from schools and to national statistics highlighting the ‘girl gap’.
People Power #6: Power Station
3 Apr 2014
People Power #5: Reveal
Codasign created Reveal with our art and technology school partners The Petchey Academy.
3 Apr 2014
People Power #4: Raytracer
An exploration of virtual architecture.
March – April 2012
People Power #2: Solar Swarm
Hackney Students Light Up The White Building with their Solar Swarm Light Installation
Mar - Apr 2013
People Power #3: Thirsty Plants
Technology Will Save Us worked with thirty children at Chisenhale Primary School to make Thirsty Plants.
7 – 30 Sept 2012
People Power #1: Seed to Speed
Seed to Speed is the first in the People Power programme of arts, technology and ecology projects.