The Geezers on Tour in Hackney Wick

On Thursday 24 July 2012, SPACE hosted a day for older local resident groups at The White Building in Hackney Wick as part of a project investigating local histories. Film maker Andy Porter (Hi8us) captured the day on film, as members of The Geezers took a walking tour of the local area, revisiting the workplaces, canal, housing, cafés that have come and gone over the years. The film was then screened at the White Building in October 2012.

SPACE worked with The Geezers, retired men from Bow, Tower Hamlets. They meet at Bow Age Concern, not far from the White Building which some of them remembered when it was a print works.

The project was a partnership between SPACE (funded by ACE Older People and the Arts) and The Geezer Club (funded by St Catherine and Shadwell Trust). The partnership provided SPACE with the opportunity to work with members of the local community to access the White Building in its transformed state, and for the group to meet artists in their studios, and take part in a film, making a record of their spoken memories of Fish Island.