New Creatives: meet the artists
2019 – 2020

Take a look at some of the work by our first cohort of artists

Tanaka Fuego, Decolonisation of a Queer Carcass, and Stew

Tanaka uses spoken word, rhythm and background noise to create the aural unfleshing of the body of a trans-masculine individual. This piece is an exploration of the day and night polarity of being trans masculine, Black and breathing. Listen here.

Aladin Borioli, Shared Sensibilities

Through an interview with the scholar Dr. Lars Chittka and an orchestra of bees, Shared Sensibilities explores the way bees make sense of the world. The imminent ecological crash slowly exposes the restriction on human senses and the piece attempts to reveal this limit by confronting bees’ and human’s sensorium. We need to look to the more-than-human world for help, hence telling stories about bees in order to undermine the blinding idea of human exceptionalism. Shared Sensibilities is made in collaboration with thousands of bees, the composer and artist Laurent Güdel, the visual anthropologist Ellen Lapper and Dr. Lars Chittka.

Joe Adams & Tom Reeves,  +44 

A film of sensitivity, caught flamboyancy, clutched masculinity. A fuelled, confrontational tussle. The three minutes depict a young man whose way of living has been shaped by expectations and conditions of those he has grown up around. He is a product of his environment. The film touches on a segment of Joe’s process of re-looking at his life and seeing what the future holds. Watch it here.

Anita Safowaa, To Those Before Me

An immersive VR experience that explores the parallels between heritage and contemporary body movement through juxtaposing graceful improvised dance sequences and mesmerising animation segments using 360 video technologies.

About New Creatives

This initiative provides the opportunity for young people, based in London, to produce new work with the support of industry professionals. SPACE is one of six production partners including the ICA, Kingston School of Art, NTS, Chisenhale Gallery, Dazed Media and Werkflow. Successful applicants are invited to present their work in a dedicated showcase at the ICA and their work may also be selected to be broadcast on television and radio under BBC Introducing Arts, made available on BBC iPlayer or BBC Sounds.