Openlab workshop: Introduction to Processing and Arduino

1 Mar 2011

Hands-on starter kit for anyone interested in interactive art, with Evan Raskob

Level: Beginner. No experience necessary.
Cost: £85
Schedule: 4 x 2.5 hrs sessions on Tuesdays starting March 1st

This course was for complete beginners who have an interest in the possibilities of interactive art. We introduced how to create interactive art using both computers (screens and projection) and hardware (sensors, motors, servos, LEDs).

We used the free, open source software Processing for computer graphics, the open source hardware platform Arduino and the Firmata library to create our own physical devices that control light, sound, and video. By the end of the course, the goal was to create a device that interacts with the physical world.

All workshops took place from 7-9:30PM at SPACE.