People Power #6: Power Station

Art and architecture practice public works is delivering this year’s People Power project with GCSE students from The Petchey Academy in Hackney.

Everyone knows that all life depends on energy. What has very seldom been acknowledged is that each source of energy brings with it certain cultural values that as users of energy we are all obliged to accept.”

(Barry Lord, Energy & Cultural Heritage).

The project brings together localised waste to energy production with the spirit of contemporary ‘hacking’ culture. The term hacker refers to someone who enjoys ‘playful cleverness’ (Wikipedia) and is most often applied to computer programmers, it is however increasingly used for people who apply the same attitude to other fields.

Together they are designing and building an anaerobic biodigester. School dinner left-overs go in one end and bio gas is produced at the other. This will eventually provide light and the means to cook a feast.

The process creates platforms for discussion, participation and collaboration.

Sponsored by Bloomberg.

For more information about SPACE’s People Power art, technology and sustainability programmes for schools please contact Fiona Fieber, SPACE Head of Learning,