UK Sound TV

2005 – 2008

Focusing on UK underground music, emergent technology and local issues, UKS TV is the first broadband channel managed, produced, directed and crewed by a team of young people.

UKSOUNDTV.COM was a youth run broadband channel, broadcasting from Bow, East London.

The main focus for UKS TV is young peoples perspectives on the things that affect and interest them, alongside emergent technology (from mobile phones, blogs, myspace and digital technology) and its influence on street distribution, urban music culture and East London.

The channel features exclusive interviews and forthcoming documentaries with the hottest movers and shakers in UK urban music, including: Roll Deep, Akala, Newham Generals, Wiley, Dirtee Stank Recordings, Deal Real, Tha Force, Kat@MTV Base, JD Dreddy, Risky Roadz, Ruff Squad, Roachee, L-Dot Man, K Sounds, Mercston, Flirta D, RWD Magazine, Twin B @ BBC1xtra and Chantelle Fiddy. UKS TV also premiers new sitcoms and documentaries including: DIY vs. Music Industry, and Should the Police Carry Guns?

UKS TV is both an educational platform where young people can learn skills in film, music and TV production, content development (from writing treatments to organizing shoots), design and technology.

Secondly UKS TV is a production launch pad, which aims to identify and utilize street and Internet connectivity as a means of distribution and content delivery.

UK Sound TV is a partnership between SPACE Media Arts, Hi8us South, Circle Anglia and a team of youth producers.

This project was funded by the Young People’s Fund, EQUAL, Tower Hamlets NRF and Action for Bow.