SPACE’s creative learning programmes inspire school-aged children and challenge preconceptions of the artists’ role in society.

Children develop key skills and raise attainment across the curriculum through participating in projects such as People Power and Bow Power, as well as visits to our artists’ studios.

‘‘These projects are a central part of the network of strategies employed by the school to maintain the consistently improving examination results and raise student aspirations. Working with SPACE in this way helps the students to explore areas of study, life and community that they would otherwise fail to experience and provide the context for a deeper sense of understanding and empathy with the themes that are selected”
– Deputy Head, Bow School


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8 February – 17 June 2023
SPACE Ilford
Arup poster 2023
Changing currents – can we build a better world together?
Taking the ancient River Roding as a starting point, Redbridge 6th form students have been exploring the impact of the built environment on our waterways
March 2023
Fossdene Primary School, London SE7
Fossdene Primary School projects
SPACE artists worked with Year 4 pupils on a series of art workshops
January 2018
Lab Central art and digital – schools’ residency
A digital art project for schools delivered by SPACE studio artists Output Arts (Jonathan Hogg and Andy D’Cruz)
December 2018
Bow Power SPACE Learning
Bow Power: Plant Hydration Kits
Students at Bow School will create special soil hydration sensor tools as part of a new SPACE Learning programme
2012 – 2018
People Power
An innovative school-centred art and technology programme that brings STEM topics alive
Sep - Nov 2015
Artist Stefanie Posavec has created for the East London Canvas, a 32.5m long data visualisation.
Jul - Aug 2015
School’s (Not Quite) Out for Summer 2015
Schoolchildren from East London became ‘Park Detectives’ in our third Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Summer School.
Jul - Aug 2014
School’s (Not Quite) Out for Summer 2014
Artists were been appointed to run a 2014 Summer School in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for year 6 pupils.
3 Apr 2013
School’s (Not Quite) Out for Summer 2013
The Summer School engages children and teachers who are involved with their local schools’ own summer holiday programmes.
02 Dec 2014
We Need More Wilderness
A sharing event with the artists of this year's Summer School and a talk on our plans/ideas for 2015.
12 Oct - 9 Nov 2017
People Power #10: WE-Dom
Working with artists, young people are developing a ‘micro’ social intervention, opening on Thu 12 Oct
11 October 2017
Open Call: Lab Central Schools Residency
Open Call for artists engage secondary school children creatively with art and technology. Deadline: 11 Oct, 12pm
May 2017
People Power #9: Glocal
People Power #9 will investigate the ‘glocal’, or global/local, nature of schools’ neighbourhoods
5 November 2016
People Power Exhibition 2016: Build Your Own Flag Workshop
Build Your Own Flag workshop at SPACE Mare Street, Sun 5 Nov, 12pm-4pm
3 - 5 November 2016
People Power Exhibition 2016: WE- DOM
This exhibition examines the challenges faced by migrants setting up new communities.
August 2016
People Power #8: Dada-Polis
People Power 2016 focuses on girls in art, technology & engineering in response to schools and to national statistics of the ‘girl gap’.
2013 – 2016
School’s (Not Quite) Out For Summer
Artist-led workshops for school children transitioning from Yr 6 – Yr 7 using art and technology to explore the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and its ecologies
30 July 2016
School’s (Not Quite) Out For Summer 2016
Children and their families are invited to join Owl Project for a drop in session exploring sound, analogue and digital tech at Here East on Sat 30 July, 1-5pm.
Apr - Jun 2016
People Power #7: The Homemade Camp
People Power 2016 focuses on girls in art, technology and engineering in response to feedback from schools and to national statistics highlighting the ‘girl gap’.
People Power #6: Power Station
17 Jul – 14 Aug 2010
Artists Programme # 2: Laura Oldfield Ford
Artist Laura Oldfield Ford created an exhibition with local Year 11 students
25 Jul – 8 Aug 2009
Artists Programme #1: Godfried Donkor
I Love London: working with students from Barking Abbey and Eastbrook secondary schools.