Andrew Salgado, Tomorrow I’ll Be Perfect

15 Nov 2023 – 7 Jan 2024
Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York HQs, King’s Road, London

BEERS London is honoured to present Tomorrow I’ll be Perfect, the first solo by Canadian-British artist Andrew Salgado at Saatchi Gallery.

Salgado’s paintings have evolved greatly in style since the large-scale, painterly portraits he began painting over a decade ago. Today, his subjects are depicted in a fantastical, often ominous tableaux, where the artist embraces a sort of ‘visual-excess’ that unfolds upon the painted surface, giving way to a harmonious cacophony like some chaotically orchestrated puzzle. The works are heavily based in his love of literature and visitors can anticipate to see Salgado, as ever, evolving his practice of pushing the boundaries of contemporary figurative painting.

He states: “Tomorrow I’ll be Perfect is about that aspiration to find betterment. As artists – as people – I think we constantly eke toward our truest expression. Our best selves. To me, this course seems parabolic. We get close, sure, but do we ever really touch? My entry to this ‘body of work’ is, sort of, a play on that idea: there seem to be a lot of disembodied heads, and figures desperately trying on new identities to see which fits best. Sometimes I feel like life is a bit like that…”