Hugh Mendes, Rest in Paint

9 Apr – 16 Jun 2024
Century Club, Soho, London

A thought-provoking collection of works by Hugh Mendes that traverse the delicate lines between art, mortality, and media culture. Consisting of recent paintings the exhibition will provide a fascinating glimpse of Mendes’ career.

Hugh Mendes is acclaimed for his unique and meticulous approach to painting. His body of work consists predominantly of obituary portraits of cultural figures, especially artists, portrayed within the ephemeral context of newspaper obituaries. This striking juxtaposition invites viewers to ponder the transient nature of human life alongside the enduring legacy left by creative minds.

Mendes’ paintings are more than just representations; they are reverent commemorations that encourage us to reflect on the individual lives and achievements of those who have passed. Through his detailed and solemn artistry, Mendes not only celebrates the accomplishments of fellow artists but also incites us to contemplate our own existence and the legacy we aspire to leave behind.