Jon Faragher, Mercedes Balle, UnCOMMON GROUNDS

3 – 8 May 2023
The Koppel Project Station, 56 Downshire Hill, London NW3 1PA

Work by SPACE studio artists Jon Faragher and Mercedes Balle features in the inaugural exhibition of the Space Collective.

Does a work of art address the space through its materiality or its emotional value, and does the object define the space or the space define the object?

Space Collective artists explore these questions through painting, photography, sculpture, print and installation. Curated by Simon Yates.

Gallery opening hours: 11:00 am – 5:30pm

New work from the following artists

Andy Grinham Andy Grinham Art (@andygrinhamart) | Instagram
Ella Zimina Ella Zimina (@ella_zimina_art) | Instagram
Jon Faragher Jonathan Faragher (@jonfaragher) | Instagram
Mercedes Balle Mercedes Balle – Visual Artist (@mercedes.balle) | Instagram
Julian Wild Julian Wild (@julianwildsculpture) | Instagram
Livia Spinolo Livia Spinolo ( | Instagram
Martin Pirongs
Alison Hand Alison Hand (@alisonhandartist) | Instagram
Simon Yates @blackdogstudio1 | Instagram
Marina Murvanidze Mitchell Marina Murvanidze Mitchell (@murvanidzemitchell) | Instagram