Julie Bennett, Beyond Confinement
24 Aug – 3 Sep 2023
The Koppel Project Station, 56 Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London NW3 1PA

Julie Bennett is showcasing a series of paintings in a cell at a disused police station in London’s Hampstead, an area renowned for homosexual activity on the Heath. The portraits are of well-known people who have lived through different eras of legal and social discrimination against same-sex relationships. Subjects are Olly Alexander, Derek Jarman, Anne Lister, Alan Turin and Oscar Wilde.

Beyond Confinement is a group show by the Altogether at Once collective. The show sees nine artists exploring isolation, connection, and the means of escape. A unique art exhibition in a unique environment. Using a variety of styles and techniques, the artists will transform the walls and prison cells into a space of expression. Some have created site-specific installations to respond to the strong architecture and former purpose of the building, while others have re-contextualised their work in the light of the history of the building.