Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2023

13 June – 20 August 2023
Royal Academy of Art

So many SPACE studio artists feature in this year’s exhibition! Including Paul Dash, Stephen Nelson, Lothar Götz, Carolina Aguirre and Joe Duggan…

‘Better better’ by @Joe_duggan_artist has been selected for the Royal Academy summer exhibition 2023. David Remfry RA coordinator. This years theme ‘Only Connect’ inspired by E M Forster’s Howard’s End. To quote Remfrys: ‘A connection between oneself and everything else’ ‘Better better’ provokes contemplation on the perpetual nature of human desire and its profound impact on progress and meaning in art. Through its skilful fusion of humour and seriousness, the artwork stimulates thought-provoking discussions and invites viewers to delve into the intricate nuances inherent in artistic decision-making. The word ‘better’ functions both as the subject matter and as a material, akin to the language of painting itself, opening doors to profound exploration and engagement.

Stephen Nelson will be exhibiting MEMENTO MORI – DISEASE 2022, a bronze first exhibited at Ken Artspace – a continuing look at memento mori and the tradition of skull veneration as practised in Naples. The skull series also examine different cranial morphology’s disease, healing and trauma.