Webinar Support for Artists



Webinar Support for Artists


Delivered by industry experts, these recorded webinars are available to SPACE tenants for a limited time thanks to South East Creatives Workshop +Mentoring Programme, a programme developed and run by SPACE. Take your pick from a range of topics, including how to communicate with your online audience, organise your accounts or understand how to protect your IP.

Simply click the links below to register and view via Zoom. This is for SPACE tenants only, and registrations will be monitored.
If you have any issues please contact: admin@southeastcreatives.co.uk


Confidence Killers: The Fears That Come with Running a Creative Business
What makes creatives so confident in their creativity, yet still fear running a business? A round table discussion with Anne-Marie ShepherdKate AtkinPete MosleyRemi Harris MBE, and Tamara Gal-On.

Financial Knowledge for Creative Businesses (Part 1 + Part 2)
with Remi Harris MBE
Having a handle on the money side of your creative operation is essential to keep it sustainable. Accounts isn’t just something done by Accountants or produced once a year at tax time. Budgets, Sales Forecasts, Management Accounts and Cash-Flow forecasts are tools that can be invaluable in the planning and running your practice.

Optimising Your Virtual Impact
with Kate Faragher
If you are planning to move some of your offer online or are planning to try out some video marketing, Kate Faragher of BeSpoke Skills will help you learn how to present, communicate and engage with your digital audience.

Organising Accounts and Tax (Part 1, Part 2 + Part 3)
with Remi Harris MBE, and special guest Shimite Offor
Get ahead of the rush and get your tax return for 2020 done. This webinar series is a refresher on getting your financial paperwork in order and what expenses are allowable deductions for sole-traders.

Protecting Your Creativity
Ian Goodyer
Whether you are trying to launch a new innovative product, sell something …use your creative, artistic or musical talents or trying just to build a good name for yourself in your field, Intellectual Property (IP) will be at the heart of this.

Reaching Your Target Audience
with Creative Quills

You can spend a lot of time and money on marketing without ever seeing a single sale. Smart, well-crafted, useful content can still fail if your target readers don’t see it. The key is to put your message in front of people who can and will buy. To do this, you need to identify your target audience.

Social Media, Press and Marketing
with Anne-Marie Shepherd
Getting your product or service in front of the people who need and want what you offer is often hard. From engaging with journalists and social media, to networking on LinkedIn and getting on local radio, marketing doesn’t need to be overwhelming or daunting.

Using Intuition to Deal with Uncertain Times (Part 1 and Part 2)
with Tamara Gal-On
This webinar is aimed at creatives, those who support creatives and work in wider creative industry who are fearful, anxious or overwhelmed due to the extraordinary times we are living through or are feeling so uncertain about what action to take, they aren’t taking any.

Weblaw: Using Domain Names, Websites + Social Media in Your Business  (Part 1 + Part 2)
with Keith Arrowsmith, Counterculture
This webinar will help you gain insights on the key concepts of weblaw. Creating a website is relatively easy these days, making sure this website complies with the law is more difficult.  Learn more about this, and web law in relation to social media, data protection, intellectual property and how this can all help to protect your creative business online.

Website Content & SEO
with Creative Quills

As a small creative business or practitioner, how do you create a great online presence? If you want to attract customers, a website that is easy to find AND easy to use is essential.



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