Artist talk: Gavin Mitchell at East London Printmakers

17 Jun 2013

Free entry and refreshments were provided.

East London Printmakers
Buzzer 1
19 Warburton Road, Hackney
E8 3RH

Gavin Mitchell is a photographer, printmaker and collagist who draws his inspiration from the human and material landscape. Captured through a camera lens or found through digging deep, the environment in which he lives and the world he travels through provides a limitless source of references that enthuse, intrigue and excite. He is always striving to find ways of adding another visual ‘layer’ to the inherently two-dimensional nature his source. His recent solo show, held in Chelsea (London), is a selection of captivating collages from ‘found’ material which create new and compelling fictional landscapes that override the reality of two clashing cultures. Gavin is currently based at Wimbledon Art Studios. For more information visit