2 Sep – 15 Oct 2011

BLACKBOARD: Banner Repeater: The Diagram Series. Banner Repeater is an artist led project space and reading room based on platform 1 of Hackney Downs railway station in East London. The project was initiated by SPACE studio artist Ami Clarke in 2009.

For their Blackboard project, Banner Repeater look to unify three distinct sites of artistic production - all of which are embedded within active workspaces.

Positioned behind the front desk, The Blackboard is set within the main administrative area of SPACE. This is mirrored by Banner Repeater’s situation on a fully functioning railway station platform. As a final element, the project will activate a remote component based at Torna, a project space, bookshop and working lathe workshop in Istanbul.

Over the last year Banner Repeater has hosted a number of talks exploring the notion of the diagram. The talks utilised the framework of the diagram to consider both aesthetic and pedagogical themes in art, as well as broader concerns relating to how we might find ourselves in the world today. The Blackboard Series at SPACE will continue this line of thought, offering a practical analogue to the project’s already established theoretical foundations as well as an opportunity to look back, before moving on.

A number of the artists involved in the original examination of the diagram at Banner Repeater, including Claire Nichols, John Mullarkey, Dean Kenning, Dave Burrows and Clunie Reid have been invited back to contribute. The invited artists will consecutively draw chalk diagrams on the Blackboard at SPACE. How the various diagrams interact, whether they remain discreet, superimpose upon each other to form a single-yet-hybrid blackboard image or do something entirely different, will be an interesting variable running through the project. The diagrams – as drawn at SPACE – will then be translated by artist Merve Kaptan onto a remote blackboard sited at Torna.

Kaptan, together with Charlie Coffey run FOLIO magazine – a publication that seeks to operate as an exhibition space on paper. On the 21st to the 25th September FOLIO will present their versions of the blackboard diagrams as part of the 12th Istanbul Biennaleʼs Dial Zero event.
In addition a small publication documenting the project will be produced in collaboration with FOLIO magazine.

Preview Thu 1st Sept, 6 - 9 pm